About CFG

An Evolving Practice Focusing On Individual Investors And Business Advisory Services

estate planning in iowa for over 25 yearsThrough the years, CFG has evolved into a practice serving two distinct areas: Individual Investors and Small Business Owners.  In the beginning, our services focused on first-time investors seeking investment guidance.  But as the years passed, more and more of our client base came from those with small businesses, IRA rollovers and inheritances.  The common theme for all of these new clients was the need for retirement and business advisory services for today and beyond in Iowa and the Midwest.

CFG owner and President Mike Moffitt felt that many people were confused about estate planning or planning for retirement and not aware of many financial opportunities available to them.  Often they made relatively uninformed choices when it came to 401(k)s, other benefit packages, and their investments. CFG is a firm designed around providing unbiased education, full disclosure of information relevant to making sound financial choices, and specific services most needed by our clients.

We also believe that as many small business owners approach retirement, they are not getting sound financial planning and strategies tailored specifically for them to allow their businesses to grow in enterprise value. Statistically, 80-90% of business owner’s wealth is tied up in their business.1 CFG can assist business owners sort through and identify the most effective strategies to allow for operational growth adding business value. Down the road when succession planning is needed, CFG can assist again by providing exit planning services.

Networking With Other Key Service Providers Saves You Time And Money

Since controlling costs and achieving acceptable returns on investment are of critical importance, we focus on providing cost effective strategies. Our services are affordable to nearly any business or individual. Clients pay for our services through either a fee structure or on a commission basis.

Some clients choose the hourly or annual fees, which are negotiated according to the project.

Others choose to implement their planning decisions through the companies we are affiliated with. In this case, we receive commissions or asset-based management fees from these companies that compensate us for the work involved.

The fee based planning ensures we don’t promote one particular investment over another while the commission system can sometimes make possible lower negotiated financial planning fees for the client.  In either case, all costs are clearly outlined.

To help maintain objectivity, our company policy is to not be captive to any one financial services vendor. As a result, we work with dozens of fund companies, separately-managed account providers, life insurers, health companies, retirement plan administrators, accounting firms and law firms on a regular basis.

1 – E.P.I. Exit Planning Institute, Exit Planning, 2015