As Halloween approaches, we want to share with you how other cultures celebrate this holiday.

  • In China, the Halloween festival is known as Teng Chieh. Food and water are placed in front of photographs of family members who have departed. Bonfires and lanterns are lit in order to light the paths of the spirits as they travel the earth on Halloween night.
  • In Germany, people put away their knives on Halloween night. The reason for this is they do not want to risk harm befalling the returning spirits.
  • The Halloween celebration in Hong Kong is know as “Yue Lan” (Festival of the Hungry Ghosts) and is a time when it is believed that spirits roam the world for twenty-four hours. Some people burn pictures of fruit or money at this time, believing these images would reach the spirit world and bring comfort to the ghosts.
  • Among Spanish-speaking nations, Halloween is known as “El Dia de los Muertos.” Translated to English, this is “The Day of the Dead.” It is a joyous and happy holiday – a time to remember friends and family who have died. In actuality, Dia De Los Muertos is not one, but two days spent in honor of the dead. The first day celebrates infants and children who have died. This is a group which is believed to have a special place in heaven and is referred to as “Angelitos” (little angels). The second day is in honor of adults who have passed away.

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