Retirement Planning

retirement planning in des moines, iowaRetirement Planning Services from Cornerstone Financial Group

We are now living longer lives, thus, we have a longer period to enjoy retirement. We are also relying less on traditional pension plans and social security to support us in retirement. Therefore, pre-planned retirement strategies have taken on a larger importance.

In our retirement planning process, we will calculate how much you may need to save for retirement, given your planned retirement age, income needed in retirement, place of residence and amounts to be left in your estate for future generations. We will then help you formulate a strategy designed to help you work towards your retirement goals through use of tax deferred retirement accounts, and in investing in appropriate asset classes and vehicles based on your risk tolerance and time frame.

If you are nearing retirement, we will also address methods for creating cashflow from assets you’ve accumulated with a focus on maximizing tax-advantaged income strategies. In retirement planning, we harmonize your lifetime goals with your overall investment strategy and cash flow situation to provide a balanced strategy.

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