We aren’t saving enough.  Sure, we try to pass the buck by saying the economy hasn’t been good, the investment markets have been lackluster, things are more expensive.  That may be  true.  But if your retirement plan is predicated on good markets and purchases being inexpensive, that’s not a good plan.  At some point in time you’ll find things don’t always work the way you’d like.  The formula for accumulating investment wealth is simple

  1. Invest.
  2. Let your investments grow through compound interest.

You can’t get to #2 without first doing #1.  It’s the #1 that you control.  It’s #2 that you do not control.   So if you do not save, it’s unreasonable to expect the investments to do ALL the heavy lifting.  If you are only investing 2-4% a year towards retirement, your retirement is likely to be meager.   For more thoughts on this, check out the video on the front page of our website, www.cfgiowa.com. It’s an eye-opener!


Opinions voiced in this communication are not intended to provide specific advice and should not be construed as recommendations for any individual.  To determine which investments may be appropriate for you, consult with your financial, tax or legal professional.