Insurance Planning

Insurance planning is also known as “risk management” or the use of insurance to protect against specific risks.

insurance-planning for small business owners and farmersSome specific risks, which could significantly impact your standard of living are:

  • The risks of having inadequate income and cash flow should a family member die or become ill or incapacitated
  • The risk of a lawsuit from a third party as a result of an accident, misrepresentation, or omission
  • The risk of property damage or an inability to replace property if a catastrophic event should occur

In insurance planning, we identify possible risks and calculate the amount of potential loss to you should the event occur. We then create a strategy to mitigate the risks, using a combination of insurance vehicles and/or self-insurance. In most cases, risks can only be mitigated and not eliminated.

With over 25 years of experience in insurance planning, Cornerstone Financial Group are the ideal partner to help you and your business evaluate the risks and plan for the future safely and logically.

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